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我公司签约Brainware Security网站建设并顺利完工

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Hefei Brainware Security Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (BWS), a subsidiary of the 38th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, was founded in April 2009. Located in the center area of the Hefei Hitech Development Zone, BWS is a new form of hitech company with independent innovation and intellectual property. We specialize in the field of public security technology and ITS, covering the full spectrum of R&D, Marketing, technical support and solutions in the global scale. BWS’s current focus is the video image analysis and processing, visual multi-target tracking, chip technology and cable/wireless broadband communication. We introduced the new concept “Broad Public Security” which has been applied in our systems servicing multiple cites. Partering with Public Security Department of Anhui Province and Traffic Police Division of Hefei, we played important roles in major initiatives “Reinforce Police Work with Technology” and “Intelligent Traffic”. Our experience in the field of Public Security is further strenthened through our successful implementation of the Project “Skynet of Hefei New Bridge Airport”..


At present, main products and systems of BWS include the following:

        High Efficiency Secure-Access Recognition and Analysis System

        HD Trafic Management System

        Super Wide Angle Panoram Video Camera

        Lane-preemption Capturing in Busway

        Multi-target Tracking System

        Multilevel Linkage of Multi-target

        License Plate Recognition Software

        Intelligent Analysis Software

        Video Monitoring System of Multi-cameras with Different Positions Based on Mobile Location

        Embedded Intelligent Analysis System of New Generation

        Intelligent Video Cognitive Chip


BWS integrates ITS, secure-access system, and the terminal products into the Decision and Management System for Public Security, which also applied advanced communication technology by Sun Create, and latest research of the 38th Institute. Our mission is to produce an ultimate Intelligent Management Platform for the Public Security; make our contributions to the harmonious society.

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